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My name is Lynne Thames. Everyone that knows me nicknamed me "Ms.NeNe".

I was born in Detroit, Michigan raised until I was 12.

I moved up to the suburbs in Oakland County of Michigan and raised until I became adult.

I lost all my hearing at the age of 2. I was blessed  to have deaf parents that raised me and my sister who is deaf also.

My mother name is Ginnene she is the one taught me about business. She started her own daycare in the basement of our home.

Then she discovered that everyone loves how she cook and come up with many handmade recipes and crafting. She was in the processing to open up another business where she can cater and feed people.

Unfortunately she left her dreams and gone home to heaven in February of 2010.

I struggled my depressions of the lost of my mother for few years. 2013 I decided to find something I love to do to cure my grieving and stop struggling finically with my 7 children as a single mother. I discovered that cooking is the way to manage my grief and crafting to manage my hurt, and giving people happiness filled my heart with joy and free of struggles just to see someone happy 

I decided that I want to make my mother's dream come true and alive.

We make sweet cravings, strawberries or fruits covered chocolates, infused cakes,fruits,cupcakes,soul food,beverages drinks,jewelries,clothes,crafts,we plan your party,events for you..and more!!

From 2013 till now I worked so hard to accomplish my mother's goal, but not alone, with help of the Lord and my family.

Today Im grateful that I can be able to tell the world what I have done for my mother and my family. I overcome many trials and tribulations as a single mother who struggles with 7 children and surviving through.

Now, Im on my way publish my first book and will be published in beginning of 2017!

Also I'm the new Secretary of DETROIT BLACK DEAF ADVOCATES #6!!


Ginnene Thames is deaf Mother of 3 and one of  her deaf daughter Lynne NENE Thames who is owner of PGCC and GLO KIDZ. Ginnene had passed away in February 2010 by battling cancer and diabates. She was born on July 5th, 1959 in Detroit, Michigan. PGCC is her dreams for the community and to stop struggling with poverty, low incomes, oppressions, lift up children/youths and for her dreams that come alive for this community in Michigan will continue to live forever and for generations. Ginnene's name will be honorary and legendary and memoriable for all of us in family and people who knows her and her inspiration influence for everyone in the community, cities, states, world.

REST IN PARADISE and thanks for established PGCC and GLO KIDZ!!

Fly High, Never Forgotten...Our Angel for Detroit Deaf Community.


OCTOBER 6, 1976 - MARCH 12, 2017

LaTika Jones will be honorary on PGCC's dedication under Ginnene Thames Memorial Wall.

Our customers love our products and services. Feel free to contact us!!

OWNER/FOUNDER - Lynne "NeNe" Thames

PGCC President - Jonelle "Elle" Thames

PGCC Vice President - Mr. Clinton Thames "PaPa"

PGCC Treasurer/Event Planner - Torneisha "KittyPink" Barham

PGCC Manager/Security - Alphonso "Kojak"  Barr

GLO KIDZ President - Ken'Lyn "Bunnie" Thames

GLO KIDZ Vice President - Essence "CeCe" Thames

GLO KIDZ TEAMS : Rian "BooBoo" Thames, Valentina "FatFat" Thames, Delante' "Mr.DeeJay" Hudson-Thames

Product or Service

We do edibles cravings from..

-Infused Cupcakes,Cakes,Apples..more.

-Soul Food



Strawberries and Pretzels coated with chocolates and toppings



-Deaf Community

-CODA Community


-Single Mother

-Single Father

-Low Income Families


-Senior Citizens

Event or Party Planners

We can set up your party or events for you or tell us to come where the party/events will be at and we will go from there set it up and tell us your  THEME for the events or party.  And after that we will clean it right up for you!